The automotive and mobility PR agency

The automotive and mobility branch is developing at an impressive rate. Connected cars, electric cars, new models, new technologies and solutions for mobility issues are hot topics. Which isn’t surprising, actually. The dynamics, market significance and political sensitivity of the branch make it very appealing to the media. And so, as an organization within this branch, it’s very important to set yourself apart and position yourself clearly among your stakeholders. The number of stakeholders in this branch is quite overwhelming, and they’re not just clients. You want to tell them a story that goes beyond this technology or that product. A story that relates to current issues like sustainability, big data, laws and regulations, safety and responsibility. To ensure these stories come across optimally, you need a PR agency like LVTPR: the automotive PR agency for the Benelux.

Full speed ahead

LVTPR supports importers, aftermarket manufacturers, oil companies and distributors throughout the Benelux. We do about anything automotive PR related: from crisis communications to product introductions and social media. Our communication professionals are experienced in organizing press conferences and events, both locally and internationally. We create extensive communication and marketing strategies and implement these strategies in collaboration with a team of experienced content creators, social media experts and event managers. If necessary, we can also outsource specific experts to the client. So whether you’re looking for strategic advice, access to an automotive and mobility press list or an invitation or press release for your event; we know exactly how to help you.

Why choose the automotive PR agency for the Benelux?

Why choose LVTPR? Simple. We work for the world’s largest (and smallest) automotive brands. For instance, we provide international PR for an oil company and manage PR for TomTom Telematics in the Benelux. Anything goes: even a HaynesPro product launch or BYD is a fun project for us!

More information

Want to know what LVTPR can do for your automotive organization? Contact us via +31 (0)30 65 65 070 in the Netherlands or +32 (0)20 474 17 40 in Belgium. You can also email us at Our petrol heads and mobility experts are looking forward to hearing from you.