Home interior inspiration at the home improvement store


Influencer marketing

KARWEI is a home improvement store that pays extra attention to decoration and provides interior inspiration. Our client asked us to get started on the opening of the new flagship store in Amsterdam. Key mission: show the latest location to a target group of home interior and lifestyle influencers and media. And prove that KARWEI can provide plenty of interior inspiration.

To KARWEI and LVTPR this wasn’t just any job. We aimed big. So what did we do? We picked up an enthusiastic group of influencers in a stylishly decorated houseboat (get it?) and cruised the Amsterdam canals. Mooring place: the new KARWEI store. Attendees were offered a tour of the store while sipping gin-tonics, and they were inspired while making their own DIY project.

Additionally, they were allowed to take home the personal interior advice of the KARWEI stylist and the style and trend manager’s stories. Not to forget the goody bag. In short: an inspiring day for all attendees.

For LVTPR the day consisted of showing how we can help a cool brand like KARWEI in any PR way possible. From content creation to an influencer lobby. And from event management to following up contacts with influencers. The results don’t lie: publications about the event and the opening of the new KARWEI on all channels of the big lifestyle and interior influencers and media. Job done.