People are storytellers by nature. What’s your story? Stories – good stories – call for creativity, knowledge of the sector, experience, and strategic insight. So, we have responded by putting together a wide array of PR services.

We’d be happy to show you everything we can do for you. You can view us as a one-stop shop for all your PR needs.

We advise

We advise

We’ll sit down together to determine what message you want to bring across. We’ll translate that into a communication plan and think about how to best achieve your aims. We’ll show you the way – help you make choices, develop a substantive, distinctive (and measurable!) strategy.
Analytics – Measuring and Monitoring
From the number of clippings and likes to the real-time effect of our PR activities. We monitor your market and bring you in to determine how to create measurable communications.
Content Marketing
Your organization is a grand mass of stories. We’ll help you tell them using easy-to-find, attractive content spread across the most applicable media. Whether we pay for them or not, we’ll help you meet your goals.
Crisis Control
Be ready for a crisis – always. We provide training and support, from strategic advice to execution. Our communication experts will help you prepare and stand by you – whenever and wherever.
Creating the Message
Anyone who communicates – for any reason – will start by determining what the message is and who the audience is. Which stories create the strongest image? Why should your audience trust that message?
Reputation Management
Whether you’re looking to create a reputation from scratch or you “just” want to maintain and protect your good reputation, LVTPR knows what it takes to bring your vision and mission to the audience.
It’s understanding the difference between “spray-and-pray” and skilled marksmanship. You’ll only make progress if your strategy is targeted. We’ll help you do that – clearly, creatively, and aiming for results.
Communicating to the media, dealing with a crisis, web care through social media – you can learn it all. We offer training courses and workshops for every form of communication, one-on-one or for large groups.
We create

We create

It’s your story, but we’re the ones who tell it. We give it form, we bring it across – from compelling content to clean design. We’ll arrange a partnership with a celebrity or create a business event with impact. We’ll produce a video clip that you can share around, or a persuasive infographic.
Short copy that grabs the reader by the throat, press releases, informed whitepapers. Our experienced writers ensure that your content reaches your audience and keeps them reading.
You’ve got a great text. What about the image? You’ve got a product brochure but no real house style. Or a social media page without a signature? Team up with our designers to create something timeless.
Digital and Social Media Video and Photography
Video scores. That should come as no surprise. A good video clip is fun to watch so it’s an interesting way to bring your message across. That’s also the case for a good-looking photo. We’ll take care of it for you.
We engage

We engage

We are PR. We reach the target groups most relevant to you no matter what that entails. No matter what channel – paid, owned, earned, or shared media – always aiming to promote mutual understanding.  
In some cases it works well to tell your story face-to-face. Sometimes, guerrilla marketing is the path to choose. Working with our event managers, we can help you design an event that suits your communication aims.
Internal Communication
At every organization, it’s important that everyone knows what’s going on. Staff members have to be involved. We’ll be glad to help you find the right channels that turn your staff into brand ambassadors.
Marketing automation
Scoring leads and monitoring visitor behavior – we can help you with every conversion issue. We make use of middle and upper segment marketing automation. Together, we’ll generate as many marketing and/or sales qualified leads as possible.
Media, influencer, and stakeholder relations
Celebrities, YouTubers, influencers, journalists, politicians – our business network is big. We know how to pass on your message to the right people. And we know how to get the right people to pass on your message.
Social Media Campaigns and Engagement
Want to know who has benefited from our service? Want to know where our sector expertise lies? Take a look at our clients.