The Benelux PR agency for technology, CE and gadgets

The technology sector is developing rapidly. From cool consumer electronics to crazy gadgets; by now there seems to be a device for every user’s needs. And that makes technology an intrinsic part of our everyday life. Yet all of this technology has its downside: the market is overwhelmed. And so it’s more important than ever to make your company stand out. To tell a brand story that goes beyond technology. And to use that story to change the target group’s everyday life. In short: it’s time for a PR agency. We work for you in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Marketing PR for consumer electronics

If you choose LVTPR, you choose a PR agency for technology that understands how consumer electronics work. That understands how to integrate PR with marketing to reach the target group. And that has extensive experience dealing with influencers, end users, companies, journalists and bloggers in the Benelux. We make sure your products end up in the hands of the people that matter. Through storytelling, review programs, social media, vloggers or events we’ll reach the people that can make or break a technology. Whether that’s directly or via the media they consume.

Why choose the Benelux technology PR agency

Why choose LVTPR? Simple. We work for the world’s biggest (and smallest) consumer electronics brands, distributors and retailers. And we help them with anything they need, which is how we’ll know what you need. Take the kickstarter project we organized for SPIN remote. Or a Vogel’s product launch. We’ve also been working for Sonos for more than ten years – we’ve helped them grow from a tech start-up to a market leader in wireless music. We set up review programs for 360fly action cameras, Wiko smartphones (and let well-known vloggers promote them), Neato robot vacuums and Striiv activity trackers. Not to forget the Fitbit introduction.

More information

Want to find out what LVTPR, the PR agency for technology, can do for your brand in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg? Contact us for the Netherlands at +31 (0)30 65 65 070 or For Belgium, that is +32 (0)2 – 474 17 40 of info@lvtpr.comWe can’t wait to hear from you.