05 -07-2018

Blog | 5 reasons to include consumer media in your B2B PR strategy

05 -07-2018

Blog | 5 reasons to include consumer media in your B2B PR strategy

PR for B2B and B2C; they often seem like two different trades. In a way, they are, because they have different target groups and media. And the only way to reach a B2B audience is via B2B media, right?

Well, no. Even though the trade press is a crucial PR weapon for most B2B professionals, it’s definitely not the only weapon. That’s why we’re listing five reasons to embrace the consumer media if you’re a B2B communication professional.

The trade media are under a lot of pressure

Throughout the Benelux, B2B media are struggling. In Belgium and Luxembourg especially, B2B media in many branches are quite thin on the ground. They’re all looking for ways to guarantee the survival of their magazine or newspaper. Even if you offer very strong content, many verticals now tend to combine the editorial content with a commercial investment. It’s a reality we have taught our B2B clients to deal with at LVTPR, although it forces them to make decisions. Consumer media, on the other hand, have independent editorial boards where cool, surprising or innovative content does stand a chance. As long as you go about it the right way, with a socially relevant and non-commercial angle.

You can be more creative about communication in consumer media

You can use a much more original messaging, in a much broader social context, while the trade media allow you to delve into business and technical information. Both media landscapes therefore allow you to show a broader impression of your company and its services.

Decision makers think like consumers – at least partially

Important business acquisitions are done in a different setting than when you buy something for personal use, unless you have a procurement department at home. But still, the basic criteria that motivate us individuals to choose A or B, are the same criteria that motive the professional decision maker. Do I trust this provider? Do I believe they will solve my problem? Do they offer the best price-quality ratio? In short, decision makers respond to the same type of argumentation and tone of voice as consumers.

Influencers are important, too

Maybe your B2B product or service also impacts the working or private life of your customers’ employees. Smartphones, cleaning services, workwear, desk necessities, company cars, fruit delivery… The list goes on. The same goes for other types of services: delayed salaries, for example, or that grumpy cleaning services team that fails to clean the desks – you can bet it’s all discussed over the coffee break. Your target group’s employees are true influencers, whom you can reach via consumer media.

Decision makers all read the paper

Which means you can reach them via consumer media as well.
You now know why consumer media is key for your B2B strategy. Naturally, there are a lot of do’s and don’ts, which we’d be happy to talk to you about over a cup of coffee.