The PR agency for Food & Drinks

From the latest food trends to the coolest drinks; consumer choices are becoming more and more complex. At the same time, brands are constantly developing products that become part of the health revolution. How can you capitalize on this as a brand? How will you position yourself compared to the competition? Which messages do you communicate? Don’t despair, we’re here to help. We are LVTPR, PR agency for Food & Drinks in the Benelux.

Culinary position in the Benelux

Our Food & Drinks experts spend every day mapping trends and developments. In Belgium, the Netherlands and even Luxembourg. Based on this information, we translate your brand and its characteristics into a communication strategy for all of your target groups. Our many years of experience in the industry have given us a thorough knowledge of the media landscape in all three countries and enable us to see the differences. From journalists to influencers. And from interest groups to (local) authorities. We help you serve your messages in the way your target groups likes them best.

Why choose the PR agency for Food & Drinks

LVTPR works for big players in the Food & Drinks industry. We guided HelloFresh during its introduction in Walloon and Luxembourg. And some of our other clients include Haacht Brewery, D.E. Master Blenders and Iglo. This means we know the market and are able to get the media tongues wagging for all of these companies. Want our help? Let’s take a seat around the table.

More information

Want to know what LVTPR can do for your Food & Drinks brand? Contact us via +31 (0)30 65 65 070 or for the Netherlands, or +32 (0)2 – 474 17 40 or for Belgium.