The PR agency for internal communication

The labor market is picking up, resulting in a war for talent. And after you’ve finally managed to hire the right people through an extensive hiring process, you certainly don’t want to lose them. Your employees play an important role in keeping your organization up and running, which is why they’re a key stakeholder group. How do you make sure they remain proud of your company culture and what they achieve together? And keep them happy, so they’ll stay? LVTPR is the PR agency for internal communication. We can help you turn your employees into ambassadors.

Why choose the PR agency for internal communication?

Whether we have to set up a comprehensive internal communication strategy or execute an existing internal communication plan – LVTPR handles your internal employer branding. Together, we’ll take a look at the messages you want to communicate among your employees, how you bring your company values to life and how you create understanding or improve internal communication. And how you make sure your employees feel engaged. We offer a wide variety of possibilities – both online and offline, such as company magazines, internal newsletters, templates for ad hoc communication, social media and corporate events. We’ll find the tone-of-voice that suits your internal company culture and complement it visually according to your house style. Don’t have your own house style yet? We’re happy to help with that, too.

Internal communication and PR for your organization

We’ve helped many large and small B2B and B2C companies and we work for clients in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Are you looking for a partner who provides strategic advice or who translates your strategy in a creative way? Contact us via +32 (0)2 474 17 40 or for Belgium or +31 (0)30 65 65 070 and for the Netherlands.